Introducing: The Slidekick 2.0

Maximum Productivity. Anywhere.

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"Never again do I need to sacrifice productivity for location freedom. Now I can login with a second monitor from anywhere in the world. It's a game changer."

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"Sets up in seconds. Lightweight and thin so it packs easily. Rotates to any angle I need. I love this second monitor!"

Setup in Seconds

Just stick to the back of your device, plug in using the provided cable, rotate to the desired angle, and bam - your second monitor is ready to use. No downloads, wireless connections, or installations needed.

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Review From Our Customer, Wayne:

“I have this connected to my M2 MacBook, 13” and it sits perfectly to the right of the main screen; in fact, I am typing this with sports playing on the Slidekick 2!

As a professional photographer, this will be a game changer to my workflow. I will be able to edit photos and see the changes live on the Slidekick. Or I can have both Lightroom and Photo Mechanic open at the same time without flipping between them.

Work on Spreadsheets and Documents just got easier! I work in IT and have a multiple screen setup on my desk in the office, as well as on my desk at home, and now I have it whereever I go!

A brilliant piece of kit, well worth the money.”

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